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All plastic whistles have portions that are 3D printer made

$25 Plastic Low-D's are back.  

Plastic Low-D whistle

for $25  


Update 22-May-2016


Jubilee Instruments Books and Videos are now going on CreateSpace



Note:  If you're outside the US (particularly on the European side of the ocean), we are aware of the increase in postage.  I do ship overseas, however there are a handful of countries where the shipping costs are much more thant the cost of the product.   It may save you some funds by considering Alba Whistles at:  http://www.albawhistles.com.  Highly recommended by Jubilee Music Instrument Co.

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Established March 1, 1998
Jubilee Music Instrument Co. is now 18 years and counting



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ALTO PVC Whistle

Pictured Alto-G and Alto-A

Simple, CPVC Whistles in Alto Keys F, G, A, Bb  

MP3 Sample in G

Note:  Photo needs updating:  CPVC body is slightly yellow - shows white in picture because of camera flash.
Also all of this whistle series is now tuneable.  The head is removeable.
The whistle head is made on a 3D printer.

Alto F Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto F# Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto G Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto G# Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto A Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto Bb Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  

Alto B Plastic CPVC Whistle  $25  




Chromatic Whistles


Keyed Chromatic Pennywhistles (Tinwhistle) and Flutes

"The evolution of the Tin Whistle is here"

Jubilee Music Instrument Co. Whistles are Manufactured to order.


The Chromatic Low-D Keyed Tinwhistle (and Flutes)

"Orchestral Pennywhistle"

The Jubilee Instrument Co. 6-key low-D flute.  With the DE Series whistle headjoint, you can play it as a whistle.  If has a comfortable feel to the hands and a strong low end.

It a Flute or a Whistle (depends on mouthpiece used) 

It's chromatic and it's your choice.

6-Key design - Normally open key for the 'D' note,
Normally Closed keys for D#,  long F, G#, A# & C.


Index of Sound Samples (Use back button to get out)


Do you already play a Low-D?, if so then this is easy to learn.   All of the open holes are just like a Low-D, the bottom hole has a key so that we can make a very large 'E' hole for a more powerful low end.  So you can play this like a Low-D with ornamentation as usual, except for the bottom tonehole.  Once you get used to it, you can do some interesting ornaments with keys as well.

ANNOUCEMENT:   After June 15th, 2008, The Chromatic Whistle will be available in other keys such as Low-C, Low E and others by special request.



  2.5 Octaves typical chromatic, A-440 tuning.

  Delrin Block and Beak, good water detention design

  Curved Windway design

  Walled fipple design makes for clear focused sound.

  Long brass tuning joint with delrin cover

  Low-D tinwhistle players can pick it up a play tunes that they 

     already know while learning the keys

  Patterned similar to the Rudall-Rose wood Flutes.

  From 2005 models and up are using flat spring instead of coil 

  Interchangeable Flute and Whistle Headjoints (Extra purchase

  for other headjoint.)

  Not painful to play for ordinary hands

  Bumper 'cork' (foam) under keys, closed cell foam seals
  All keys are shaped to contour of hole - toneholes are not raised.

  Flute mouthpieces have two piece adjustable delrin/acetal crown using a  modified wedge design.

  Headjoint compatible with Jubilee metal low-whistle tonebodies

  Keys are designed for easy repair.

  Protective thumb guard for G# key.

  Comes with spare springs and seals.

  Half-circle pinky operation keys on some units (based on options)

  Keys are made from brass, nickel-silver, steel, aluminum and plastic components

  Keystocks are made from ABS plastic



Note:  Manufacturing is about six  8-10 weeks depending on shop load with these instruments.   You will receive an email on the estimated time when you order and progress reports.  It will vary depending on the number of orders in the shop.  We will continue to attempt as quick delivery as possible. 


Above pictures copper and brass chromatic whistles and flutes. 

 Chromatic Whistle Playing Scale

Available in Natural brass Color (clear coated), Candy Apple Red, Emerald Green and Light Blue.  Or any other color that you'd like 

Various Models are shown here to help get you thinking - you want a Low-B extension of something?  Speak up!

Close-up picture of keys below, T90 black 5-key model:  New improved key axles. 

5-Key 2005 model - one tonehole gives long and short F functions.  This is a bit different on 2010 models.



Price Schedule 

      T90 Whistle Sound Files (Dodi Li)

       WAV File - w/new brass mouthpiece
      Shot-peened brass finish by default unless otherwise specified

      Request it in any color Candy Apple Red, Emerald Green and

       Light Blue.  Or any other color that you'd like
    Various customizations available


  I've liked the new aluminum design.  From this time forward, all the Chromatic Whistles/Flutes will be in aluminum.


--- New Aluminum Models are lighter than brass





Aluminum body with Aluminum/Plastic whistle mouthpiece       6-Key - Low-D - Clear or Painted

Specify wide or narrow bore




Aluminum body with Aluminum/Plastic Flute mouthpiece 

      6-Key - Low-D  - Clear or Painted

Specify wide or narrow bore




Aluminum/Plastic Low Chromatic Flute mouthpiece 
For Aluminum instrument only





Aluminum/Plastic Low Chromatic Whistle mouthpiece 
For Aluminum instrument only



Anodized options available in future




2012 10-Key Low-C  with B Key using split touch on Low-B



Brass "Ambassador Whistle" below: (Pictured with High-D for comparison)


Front                            Back
New 2011 Model Sandblasted brass with
water clear polyurethane finish
also available in colors


2009 Model
in Metallic Red  Improved "Paddle" style D/E Key
Also used half-circle pads for pinky fingers.


2005 Model with Flat Springs 5-Key Pictured

All Brass 2004 Model with T90 Black paint. 





Long G# key is now a standard feature.



                     6-key 2005 model. "U" shaped D/E Key 

Tinwhistle Making Books

Make you own Tinwhistles

We have a series of books on making Tinwhistles and an instructional step-by-step video.

Click here if the links below don't work

New editions of my books and videos are being published by CreateSpace.com

Click here to purchase them directly

NOTE:  It is better to purchase the books from Amazon or Createspace if you are overseas.  The postage in some countries costs more than the books from here.





VCD Video, Anthology Book, High-D Brass Book and CD-ROM together 

for $45    


NOTE:  It is better to purchase the books from Amazon or Createspace if you are overseas.  The postage in some countries costs more than the books from here.


1st Book (scroll down for next)



NEW REVISED 2015 Version - Low Whistle greatly simplified

Make your own Tin Whistle - Complete with pictorial 

Available - 1 week delivery


$17.500 USD + Shipping Costs ($4.50 in US), 

Book Photos are Black and White

NOTE:  It is better to purchase the books from Amazon or Createspace if you are overseas.  The postage in some countries costs more than the books from here.



Whistle Construction Guide

                A complete guide to building Tin Whistles.



Items it covers

 Tin Whistles Anatomy

 Types of Tin Whistles

 The Bore



        Speed of Sound

        L/B Ratio

        W/B Ratio



 The Toneholes


        Cut off Frequency

        Effects on size


        Making Keys


 The Fipple

        Fipple Parts

        The Windsheet

        The Windway and its dimensions

        The Floor

        The Roof

        The Edge





 Being Aware of end user Desires





        Kinds and Grades of materials

        Impact of using certain materials

        Mixing different Materials

        Material Suppliers



 Polishing, Painting and  Finishing


 Tools (and  proper use)


 Instrument Cases



        Frequency Tables


        Scales of all kinds

        Instrument Measurement Tables  

        Step-by-step whistle PVC whistle construction guide

        Internet Links

        Suggested Reading




       Note:  Some Books:  Correction on page 57,  1.23 inches long should be 2.23 inches long.                         


2nd Book




Price: $7.00 US + 1.50 Shipping in US -  Extra Charges Apply Overseas

(NOTE:  A revision to this is underway and the new version will be available on Amazon.com under:
ISBN-13:  978-1507833346   ISBN-10: 1507833342 )


NOTE:  It is better to purchase the books from Amazon or Createspace if you are overseas.  The postage in some countries costs more than the books from here.

This manual takes you step by step to make a High-D whistle.

  The design is our Jubilee Series III High-D brass whistle.  Book photos are Black & White.

The design is complete with a materials list and it requires only simple tools, such as a drill, saw, sandpaper, file, glue and a notching tool available from Radio Shack.

There will also be a kit available shortly

Note corrections:  Page 11:  97180-12 19/32" should read 97170-12 9/16"

                               Page 12:  97190-12 5/8" should read 97180-12 19/32"



JUBILEE DATA CD's and Book Combos

Buy both books on CD-ROM in PDF Format:  $20.00     

CD ROM also comes with Spreadsheets and Free TWCalc Tinwhistle Makers software.  Also has an extensive shop whistle photo collection.

BOTH BOOKS and CD-ROM Together:  $35.00    


Video LOW WHISTLE VIDEO AND WHISTLE MAKERS ANTHOLOGY BOOK:  $30.00   DVD - 30 minutes - Low Resolution

Video Only $11   

Or purchase video on Createspace



DVD LOW Whistle Video, Anthology Book, High-D Brass Book and CD-ROM together 

for $45    Same as $30 item above but also has manuals on CD-ROM as well.


CD-ROM containing both books in PDF and Video for Watching on Computer:

for $26.00    


E-MAIL Main Page


Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts

1573 King Ave. BOX 227

Kings Mills OH 45034 USA

(513) 398-8617


Sub Naf

Sub-NAF Low-Low-D

Sub NAF, PVC Native Bass D

A Sub-NAF is unique instrument.  It a cross between a Bass-whistle and a Native American Flute.

Like a bass whistle it has keys with springs to reach the toneholes.  A typical tonehole can range between 3/4 to 1" diameter.
The diameter of the tubing in a Sub-NAF is wider than a basswhislte.  The Sub is not designed to overblow, the wide diameter takes full advantage of the low pitch in the first octave just like a Native American Flute.  It also uses the traditional 6-hole Pentatonic Minor scale used on most Native American Flutes.

The Sub-NAF is made of PVC pipe and has bend in the pipe.  This puts the TSH (True sound hole) upside down so that moisture can drop down into the SAC (Slow Air Chamber)  The blowpipe is connected to a cap that makes for easy removal.

SubNAF's can be painted decorated with various types of Artrwork, which I can do or you can do yourself.


  Bass-C $160


For Flutes

whistle mouthpiece for horizontal flutes

Whistle Mouthpiece for Gemeinhardt Flutes

An aluminum body and a wood top.  Allows a standard Gemeinhardt style flute to be played like a Pennywhistle.

Approximately 2-1/2 Octave range.


for $50 USD  



Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts

aka Bass Whistle / Bass Pennywhistle / Great Bass

"A Basswhistle is a Tinwhistle that is octave below a Low Whistle."

Whistles way down low.     Page Updated: 11-Jan-2018

Pictured here, A 6-key Low-Low-D Basswhistle with Emerald Green Paint and brass keys.  34.5 inches (875 mm) tall.    All Bass keys of C through A are now available.

MP3 Sample  Newer baswhistles have optional piezoelectrice pickup with 1/4" Jack.

Non-Chromatic Diatonic Models play the simple D major scale (diatonic) and designed for 2 octaves.

  Bass-A's are also know as Low-Low-A's, this is the basswhistle version with

 keys to make it easier to play.


  Bass-A $180Bell Note: 220Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-G $180  Bell Note: 196Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-F $180  Bell Note: 174Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-E $180  Bell Note: 165Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-Eb $180 Bell Note: 156Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-D $160 Bell Note: 147Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-C $180 Bell Note: 139Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods


  Tuning is standard equal temperament, based on A=440 at 70 Deg. F.

  Some of the higher pitched models do not need the headjoint folded, this is

  optional to the person ordering the whistle.

  Keys are made of Brass, operated by coiled spring loaded stack rod.  

  Close-up photos of key assembly to be posted at a later date.

  Has hookup in back of whistle for Saxophone style neck strap.


  Block is made from wood with aerodynamic inlet profile and

  curved windway.  
  New 2011 design uses Clarinet leaf springs instead of coiled loading springs.
  New photos to come soon.


  Basswhistles have hinge-like keys that allow partial closure for some pitch

  bending by slightly releasing the key.  This allows for special note




Purchasing Link


  Colors Available, Emerald Green (in Picture), Lt. Blue, Plum Purple, Glossy  

  Black, Candy Apple Red, Yellow

 MP3 Sample Diatonic Model in Bass-D


Materials:  1 1/2" PVC with brass keys, wood fipple, closed cell foam pads..  Pricing and delivery will be listed on this page in the near future.  





Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts

1573 King Ave. BOX 227

Kings Mills OH 45034 USA

(513) 398-8617

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