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  Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts,
  Daniel Bingamon, Maker of Tin Whistles, Folk Music Instruments and Crafts.
  Kings Mills, Ohio 45034


My Wife, Anita Bingamon makes Soaps and Bath Salts.   Please click here to check out her products.


Tinwhistles, Basswhistles, Flutes, Percussion, String, Ethinc Instruments
All Products Made in USA, Kings Mills Ohio




Will be taking a break this summer


 Items will be taken down from the menu as this goes in effect.
Existing orders will continue to be completed as scheduled.




Note:  If you're outside the US (particularly on the European side of the ocean), we are aware of the increase in postage. It may save you some funds by considering Alba Whistles at:  http://www.albawhistles.com.  Highly recommended by Jubilee Music Instrument Co.

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Established March 1, 1998

Jubilee Music Instrument Co. is now 16 years and counting




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