The Kinnor (Davidic Harp)


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The picture shown is a functional Kinnor replica that is commercially available today. An original Kinnor would have this basic shape, possibly a bit simpler looking. See the website mentioned above regarding this instruments history.

 Kinnor - To Twang

What is a Kinnor?

 The Kinnor was a harp or lyre used in the Temple Orchestras and everywhere else in ancient Israel. It was one of the first instruments. Most Kinnors traditionally had seven strings.

Genesis 4:21 - His brothers name was Jubal (Yuval); he was the father of all who play the harp and flute.

Where is the Kinnor mentioned in the bible?

Genesis 4:21, 31:27

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Ezekiel 26:13

Also references in the New Covenant in Greek.


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There were other types of Harps used in David worship:

Another type of Harp is the Nevel or Skin Harp. See the Biblical Instruments page for Details.

More information on the Kinnor: Davids Kinnor and the Bar Kochba Coins.

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