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$28 Plastic Low-D "The Practice Whistle" less-stretch than other Low-D's


Demo:  Tony Hinnigan playing Jubilee Ahava Rabba Mode whistle


Series III High-D Ahava Rabba Scale with C Extension.

List Price:  $40.00 

An improvement on the Ahava-Rabba Scale Whistle.  The bell (bottom note) is in C but still plays the D Ahava-Rabba scale.  Seven Toneholes.

Has better spacing and works with more music then the regular Ahava-Rabba Whistle.

Useful whether you're jamming in Klezmer or Middle-eastern music or simply learning modal music.  I play other instruments and found that I can work in this mode better from playing this whistle - it makes you more familiar with the mode. 

Hava Nagila   Sher

Ahava Rabba mode is used by many cultures with different names:  Mela Vakulabharanam, Alhijaz, Raga Jogiya, Vativasantabhairavi, Maqam Humayun, Hitzaz, Dorico Flamenco, Harmonic Major inverse, Phrygian Dominant

More Information on the Jewish Whistle


Plastic Ahava Rabba Whistle

Like the brass whistle on the left but in CPVC.

List Price:  $25.00 

Write for quantity pricing.  nontunable.



Bingamon Low-D Plastic Tinwhistle   $28 US  

Bingamon Low-D Plastic Whistle


Many Low-D whistles have quite a stretch and become painful when practicing for hours.  Not so with this Low-D, it has very short finger spacing for a Low-D whistle.  

This allows for hours of comfortable practicing.  


It's made of PVC, plain, unpainted - some people like to decorate them to their choosing using beads, magic markers, paint, etc.

The fipple is designed to not clog easily, thus also allow for extended playing.


Jubilee Instruments has been making whistles since 1998, this design has been well thought out to answer the call for an entry level low whistle that really works and plays in tune.


Dealer, Music School and Educational Quantity Pricing available, email for information.



Jubilee Plastic Low-D's are also carried by Song of the Sea

The stats:

Bore Diameter:  0.908"

Windway Height: 0.066"

Windway Width: 0.438"

Curved Windway with D shaped wedged inlet


Finger Stretch


A = 1.27"  32.2mm

B = 1.32"  33.6mm

C = 1.09"  27.7mm

D = 1.27"  32.2mm




 Example MP3 File: lowdpvc.mp3

 Another MP3 Example: rouge.mp3

You Tube Review:  Jubilee Low-D

See Finger Stretch Table


White Plastic PVC Whistle  $28        


Tuneable PVC Whistle Available   $28       

Bingamon Low-C Plastic Tinwhistle   $30 US


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Also, now a Native Practice Whistle:

Plays the standard F# minor native pentatonic scale,  MP3 Sample

    Native Practice Flute  $28.00


NEW! Ahava Rabba Mode Alto in G

Plastic Ahava Rabba Mode Alto
Plays "G" Ahava Rabba Mode Scale with the descending F note.

List Price:  $28.00          Scale: F-G,Ab,B,C,D,Eb,F,G

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