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Cigar Box String Instruments


Four String Cigar Box Guitars and Mandolins,


Four Guitar Strings (or Mandolin)

18-20 Fret Positions using small size metal frets (larger frets are optional)

Spanish Cedar Top

Shellac and Polyurethane Finish

Oak Neck - Tuner platform is bent back like real guitars - not straight.

Hardwood Nut and Bridge

Just under 26 inches long

Max Width 5 3/4 inches

455mm bridge to nut for Mandolin, 500mm for Guitar, 342mm for Ukulele

Chording Chart Included

Soundboard is acoustically functional has great sound.

Cigar Box varies - random or customer input

Specify, Guitar, Mandoline or Ukulele

Standard Model:  $135.00   Uses Piezo Disk Pickup with 1/4" Jack
All models include Piezo Disk Pickup.

6-String Model: $175.00  Uses Piezo Disk Pickup with 1/4" Jack



6-String Models on request

1/4" Jack and Piezoelectric Pickup

1/4" Jack and Magnetic Pickup

Other Custom Features on request

Can optionally take Mandolin Strings - please specify Mandolin Scale


Some CBG's have the neck flush against the box.  This neck is milled in the interior to relieve the cover of the box for full tone vibration.

See it on Youtube:  www.youtube.com/watch

This instrument is hand made in the United States, good building techniques, proper surface scoring, Titebond II glue is used.  It will not fall apart like Asian made stuff.

4-String Cigar Box Mandolin made for Fort Ancient Celebration


Soprano Ukulele with Standard Mandolin Tailpiece and Endpin, Piezo Pickup, hand cutout.

4-String Cigar Box Guitar

Left-to-right:  Ukulele, Cigar Box 4-String Mandolin, Flat Body Acoustic/Electric Mandolin

Box Fiddle Coming Soon


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