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  Daniel Bingamon, Maker of Tin Whistles, Folk Music Instruments, Electronics and Crafts.
  Kings Mills, Ohio 45034
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About Me - Daniel Bingamon


Daniel Bingamon

1573 King Ave BOX 227

Kings Mills, OH 45034 USA

Ph: 513-398-8617

Daniel Bingamon, Flutemaker, Whistlemaker and designer, computer programmer and a resident of Kings Mills, Ohio


Daniel Bingamon

Daniel Bingamon - Photo 2006

Born in the Amelia/Batavia Ohio area, now in Kings Mills.  My interests cover art, music, science, religion and spirituality.

I study biblical hebrew, like making things.  I go a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I play several instruments, including a Yamaha WX-5 Wind Controller.

Programming Computers since early 1980's, favorite language is C

Been making instruments since 1998.  Used to write magazine articles for Compute! magazine, Transactor and Commodore back in the 1980's, Ham Radio General License KA8ZPL.  El;ectronics and Computer hobbyist, I work a little with Linux.

 Google Profile: http://www.google.com/...files/dbingamon



You will see a diagonal double-pointed double-sided arrow on my flute, a symbol that I've used many years ago.  It is mark to identify instruments that I have made.  Started using this again a couple years ago.  It first came to me back in the mid-1970's, I put it back to use.


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