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Vertical Flute Headjoint


Get Vertical with your Boehm Flute.  

This headjoint converts your Boehm Flute into a Chromatic Low Whistle

 and retains the same fingering that it originally had.

Flutes can sent to us and fitted to size or you give measurements and have the fitting

 approximated and then have your local repair shop do the fitting.


Typically gives two octaves of range.

 Appearance will vary from Picture

Turn your Boehm Flute into a whistle.

Vertical Flute/Whistle Headjoint  $55


Note:  Concert flutes vary slightly on fitting between brands



Materials, Brass/Aluminum, PVC shroud, Delrin/Acetal Block


Flute not included

MP3 Sound Sample

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Whistle Headjoint for Flute   $55 US   

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