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Cedar Jewelry


Jewelry   "Wonderful Works of Cedar"

Cedar has a remarkable absorbent property to it.  In addition to it's scent, it can also be a scent carrier.  Place orange, lemon or oils on the cedar item and it will carry that scent for a long time.  Pendants can also be hung in homes or cars as a air freshener, keep them in purses, music instrument cases, hang them on flutes.



Ft. Ancient Pendant with Arrowhead and Earrings

NEW! Spanish Cedar Earrings, pendant is Red Cedar with Spanish Cedar Arrowhead  32" leather necklace cord   Set $20    

Arrowhead Pendant and Earrings

Spanish Cedar

Pendant alone: $5     

Earrings set alone: $8     

Earrings and Pendant: $12    


Cedar Medicine Wheels

Medicine Wheels - Cedar, milled - Pendant

3 in diameter:  $15           

2 1/2 in diameter:  $12     

32" Leather cord included


Open Medicine Wheel

$12     2.5"

Charred Cedar Shard Necklace

Charred Cedar has a blackened appearance, can be treated with Orange, Lemon or other oils for scent, leather lace.  Cedar chain is 22" long and necklace entire length is 30" long.

Price: $15          

We can attach a Ft. Ancient Pendant or various Medicine Wheel that is ordered with this necklace.  Just leave a note or email afterwards.

Ft. Ancient Artifact Pendant

Based on the "Copper Cutout Artifact" from Ft. Ancient   $12     

32" Leather cord

Available "Burnt", "Plain" or with Spanish Cedar backing.

"Orange Oil" treated.

Ft. Ancient Artifact Earrings

Soaked in Orange Oil shape is based on the "Copper Cutout Artifact" from Ft. Ancient  Small

Earring $9/pair    

Matching pendant and Earring pair together $19    

"Happiness" Medicine Wheel Earring

Medicine Wheel variation, also represents "happiness" in the south-west.  Medium Size earring

Earring $10/pair    

Matching pendant and Earring pair together. $24    

Cedar Milled Double Bar Medicine Wheel

Double Bar Medicine Wheel


Also represents "Happiness" in South-West.

This can be used as a necklace pendant, as an attachment to your native flute or part of your Powwow regalia.


 $15      Includes 32" cord


Double bar medicine wheel 12" wall plaque.

made from red oak plywood.


(available in other sizes on request)

Braid Earring

Braid Earring - 3 strand braided leather cord.  Specify length of braid 1 to 15 inches.  If not specified, default size is 12".  A small cedar wheel can be combined a the bottom of this for a few extra dollars.

Price for 1 pair:  $6.00    

("False Ears" shown below are recommended with this.  to protect ears from accidental snag.)

Medicine Wheel Earrings

Earring $10/pair    

Matching pendant and Earring pair together. $20    

  Cedar "Rod Shaped" Earrings

Burnt Cedar with Orange Oil Earings.

Earring $6/pair    

Cedar "Loop" Earring

Burnt Cedar Loop with Orange Oil

Earring $7/pair    

  Note: I'm not a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe.


Delivery:  Typically 1 week for items on this page unless otherwise specified or large quantity.



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