The Sheminit (Eight-String)



Graphic Illustration

Sheminyt - Shemoneh- Eight

What is a Sheminit? (Sh'mee-neet)

 The sheminit was an eight string lyre used in the Temple Orchestra. It was was probably designed to accompany the trumpets and vocals.

Where is the Sheminit mentioned in the bible?

1 Chronicles 15:21 - This scripture identifies the various lyres played such as the Sheminit and the method of playing is also called sheminit. It is likely a mid-range instrument.

There is also a part called "Alamot", this term comes from the word 'Almah' which can mean young lady or virgin. This type of naming implies that the part is likely to be soprano.

Titles of Psalms 6 and 12 indicate that the Psalm is played on the Sheminite.


 Other things about the Sheminit.

It is said that there is a reference in the Talmud that when the playing of the sheminit will be restored just before the coming of the Messiah.

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Written by: Daniel Bingamon 6/24/2001