Jubilee Brass High Whistle are hand made, electronically tuned in Kings Mills Ohio.  They're not popped out of a machine like whistles with plastic fipples.

The Series III High-D whistles ship 1 week on receipt of order, all others are usually 2 weeks.

High Whistles          SERIES IIIB  (Typically 2-3 weeks delivery on this series)   
Brass whistles for the "high" octave.
Delrin Block, Tunable, Double Tuning Joint.
Default finish:  Frosted Shellac Finish - Also available in Candy Apple Red, Emerald Green, T90 Black and Powder Blue.

You can add the special options per whistle list at the bottom of the web page. - More to come soon


Series III High-C   List Price:  $35.00   

Series III Bb -   List Price:  $35.00   

High-G with new headjoint 

Series III High-D    List Price:  $35.00   

Jubilee Instruments High-D whistle with new S3B-2007 headjoint.  

  MP3 Example

The Series IIB-2007 Revised Headjoint has a taller windway than previous models, this modification continues to have good tone and now dramatically less clogging.

You can also request with with a longer beak design to give more backpressure.

Youtube Demo


Series III 

High-D Tabor Pipe   List Price:  $35.00   

2 Toneholes on top, 1 on bottom.

Series III Whistle and Tone Body Set

High Whistle Fipple and 5 tonebodies in the keys of C, D, Eb, E and F 

List Price:  $75.00


Series III 5-Whistle Set

Just like the other brands do.  We're offering a S3B High Whistle Fipple with tonebodies in the keys of D, Eb, E, F & G.

List Price:  $75.00




Series III High-E    List Price:  $35.00   

Series III Whistle Special Key (specify)   

B, C#, Eb, F, F#, G

List Price:  $37.00 

Series III High-D Ahava Rabba Scale :  picture on Right -->

List Price:  $40.00 

Close your eyes and jam on this whistle, this scale used in Jewish Klezmer and Arabic music will transport you to a far off land.  

We make these in other keys as well.

Jamming on the Ahava-Rabba Whistle MP3

Also, see the High-D Ahava Rabba below with the C Bell note extension

Series III High-D with C Extension Whistle

List Price:  $40.00 

A Whistle keyed in the High-D scale with an extra pinky tonehole to extend the whistles range down to C.

Scale in MP3

Series III High-D Ahava Rabba Scale with C Extension.

List Price:  $40.00 

An improvement on the Ahava-Rabba Scale Whistle.  The bell (bottom note) is in C but still plays the D Ahava-Rabba scale.  Seven Toneholes.

Has better spacing and works with more music then the regular Ahava-Rabba Whistle.

Useful whether you're jamming in Klezmer or Middle-eastern music or simply learning modal music.  I play other instruments and found that I can work in this mode better from playing this whistle - it makes you more familiar with the mode. 

Hava Nagila   Sher

Ahava Rabba mode is used by many cultures with different names:  Mela Vakulabharanam, Alhijaz, Raga Jogiya, Vativasantabhairavi, Maqam Humayun, Hitzaz, Dorico Flamenco, Harmonic Major inverse, Phrygian Dominant

More Information on the Jewish Whistle

Series III High-D Harmonic Minor Scale Whistle.

List Price:  $40.00 

Offered in other keys as well.

Series III Headjoint    List Price:  $25.00 

New Headjoints are fully compatible with previous headjoints and tonebodies.

The new model give a slightly longer beak, sturdier construction and more attractive.  It is fully compatible with earlier tonebodies.




One Whistle Fipple will play several Tonebodies


Tone Bodies for Series III:   $18










 Fipple $23 


 Want a little variety?, ask about whistle artwork.

Minor Artwork $5    


What is Delrin?  Delrin is form of plastic (Acetal), it is resistant to many solvents, water spreads rather than beads with delrin.  Because of this it is excellent for music instrument building.  Delrin's solvent resistance makes it safer than most other plastics to be used for mouthpieces.
Specialty Items
 Series III Decora Whistle (High-D)
List Price:  $45.00   

Added tassel gives similar appearance to the whistle in a popular Sci-fi series.

Note, this is a cylindrical bore whistle, it is not conical like the sci-fi TV Series Flute.

All brass head with delrin block inside.

High-D BiWhistle  List Price: $52.00   Tuneable!

2-Note Chords easily produced with this unusual whistle.  the tube in the middle feeds both fipples.

Key of D -

D, E, F#, G on right hand.

D, A, B, C# on left hand.  

Brass head with delrin blocks.

Great double whistle for harmony.

IMPROVEMENT NOTE:  Future Biwhistles will have a double feed pipe with one shorter than the other so that you can shut of flow to the pipe on your left.

Series III Decora Whistle (High-E)

Same as above except in High-E. 
List Price:  $45.00   

High-D Drone BiWhistle  List Price: $52.00   Tuneable!

Like the above BiWhistle except that one side has no holes (drone note) and the other side is a fully fledged 6 hole high-D tinwhistle.  They are connected together.  

Brass head with delrin blocks.

Listen on Youtube 

Tin Whistle Kit

List Price:  $30.00 

Make your own High-D Series III class Tin Whistle, comes with instructions, brass pieces, pre-cut delrin block.  You drill the holes and assemble.  Mouthpiece sections are precut.  Hole spacing for High-C, D or Eb included - you make the choice.

Assembly requires drilling, filing and soldering or glueing.  

We can also drill the toneholes on request.

Solder and/or glue, drill bits not included.

What is Delrin?  Delrin is form of plastic (Acetal), it is resistant to many solvents, water spreads rather than beads with delrin.  Because of this it is excellent for music instrument building.  Delrin's solvent resistance makes it safer than most other plastics to be used for mouthpieces.


SPECIAL OPTIONS (Can be added to a whistle tonebody)

Note:  One option per whistle tonebody.

Code   Description

-CT    Carpal Tunnel - Diagonal toneholes for less stress on wrists.   No extra charge   



           Note:  Special scales below show sequence of note, please specify what base note      

           (key) that you want to apply the option to.


-MX   Mixolydian Scale - pipers will like this  $5.00

           D E F# G A B C D


-HM   Harmonic Minor - Used heavily in Klezmer and Eastern European Music 

             $5.00      C D Eb F G Ab B C  - Example


-MM  Melodic Minor - This Minor Key used more in Western Music $5.00

           C D Eb F G A B C - Example


-NM  Natural Minor - Prior to the 1600's, this was minor key. $5.00

          C D Eb F G Ab Bb C - Example


-AR   Ahava Raba - A Klezmer modified phyrgian mode, like the Arabic Hijaz  $5.00

          C Db E F G Ab Bb C  - Example


-MB  Misheberakh - An altered form of the Dorian Mode.  Also called Ukranian Dorian  $5

         D E F G# A B C D


-AM  Adonoi Molokh - Follows the Mixolydian Mode.   $5.00

         D E F# G A B C D

         Plays like a major scale except 7th note drops a tone 



Note:  You may receive an email regarding tone hole spacing on any of this special keys depending on spacing requirements.


Small, Med, Large options do not apply to the special modes.  Please choose the medium with the scale that you order.


Please write if you have any questions regarding finger spacing on instruments with special scales.  There are too many to list here.


A key of High-D whistle with a High-C extension will be posted on this site soon.


Custom fipples made for customer supplied tonebodies, email for information.

Whistle Orders typically take 2-3 weeks for delivery unless otherwise stated.


If paying by check, make checks payable to:  Daniel Bingamon


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