The Tof (Hebrew Drum or Tambourine)


(Photo - Tof depiction)

 Tof or Toph

What is a Tof?

The Tof is a small drum or tambourine. Similar to Arabic 'Daf'.

The term 'Tof' implies the word 'Tophet' which means to smite, which is how you play of Tof.


Where is the Tof mentioned in the bible?

Genesis 31:27, Exodus 15:20, Judges 11:34, 1st Samuel 10:6, 1st Samuel 18:6, 2nd Samuel 6:5,

Job 21:12, Psalms 68:25, 81:2, 149:3, 150:4, Isaiah 5:12, Isaiah 30:32,

Jeremiah 31:4, Ezekiel 28:13

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Written by: Daniel Bingamon 5/28/2001